About Us

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the old Industries Associations called Bommasandra Industries Association comprising six office bearers & 12 Executive Members and almost all the industrial units in Bommasandra are the members.
Spread at an expanse of about 2500 acres of land in the South Bangalore, the Bommasandra Industrial Area is one of the oldest in the state of Karnataka. A most sought after and a successful industrial area, for it has earned the name and fame because of its viable location on the National Highway No.7 near Hosur across the state border, with favorable climatic conditions plus the fine natured folks are serving as pivot. 

There are around 5000 industrial units engaged in various types of industrial activities and are classified like Large, Medium, Small and Micro Industries. Major elements of infrastructure are available at their best and hence it attracts the entrepreneurs from across the country as they are fully optimistic about their relying return on the investments. 

Access to other metros, airports and harbors are quite easy, making a better feasibility for the procurement of raw-materials or any other. Moreover, the proximity to market is approachable overnight. The seasons are never disturbing and therefore the production can happen without any hassles. Particularly, in Bommasandra Industrial Area, round the year industrial units are bustling with activities. 

It is more than Four decades that the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board formed the Industrial Area in the south side of Bangalore City with an infrastructure development that has continued to endure till this day encompassing two industrial Estates developed by Karnataka State Small Industries Development Corporation. Simultaneously, the other industrial areas at Veerasandra, Attibele, Jigani and Link Road were developed surrounding Bommasandra Industrial Area and thus was pushed to more prominence while the ancillaries and other units of the kind supported the growth in general. 

The cluster comprises of Engineering, pharmaceutical, garments, chemicals, bio-tech companies, printing, food processing, automobiles, aerospace, spare parts, granites, packaging and others. Some software companies also made their way into this industrial area thus marking the presence of IT scroll. There are umpteen number of companies engaged in export of their produces which help in the earning of the precious foreign exchange for the country. Besides these small and big time exporters, there are a few 100% E.O.U.s that are full-fledged and contributing their part of the share in the growth.

The supply equals the demand as far as the labour is concerned and elsewhere the industry is experiencing the shortage of skilled labour a key factor directly proportional to the production rate. Fortunately, Bommasandra Industrial Area is not finding dearth for the workmen. 

In spite of the fact that even with the age old and not so perennially strong infrastructure, it has been possible to attain the high-preferred status and that of the Centralisation of Industry. It is therefore implied that by providing a better infrastructure it is quite feasible to achieve the high degree of desirability. Having been delegated with the responsibilities the Bommasandra Industries Association is doing its best in delivering what is expected out of and that too within the available means of funds even as the constraints remain.

The infrastructure maintenance is carried out regularly and right now the Bommasandra Industries Association is pursuing with the Government of Karnataka to be awarded with the required funds from the Infrastructure Development Scheme for the Upgradation of the existing infrastructure like the Asphalted/Concrete Roads, Drains, Culverts, Underground Drainage System & Water Supply, Street lights, Ground Level Reservoir, Overhead tanks etc., for the entire industrial area. The other works are routinely getting along like the street lights and the clearing up the rain water drainage, under the Annual Maintenance Works.

The pollution control measures are being taken and from time to time we in Bommasandra Industries Association advise our members to dispose the waste as per the norms set by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board. This is one area where we have to tread cautiously as it is a matter concerning the environment. The Bommasandra Industries Association has gone one step ahead in pursuing to get a piece of land from the Government for putting up a Common Effluent Treatment Plant for the exclusive use by the Industries located in and around the Bommasandra Industrial Area.

The afforestation is one of the measures that is effective in countering the pollution emission and will help us to achieve the sound management of the environmental care and by establishing the social forestry in the peripherals of the Bommasandra Industrial Area, larger benefits can be accrued.

The rain water harvesting and its benefits are far-reaching and all our members have been advised to install this system and an effective campaign is made on this subject.

The Bommasandra Industries Association is making all out efforts in retaining the lofty name earned by it over the decades and it shall be the endeavour of the President and all the Office-bearers of the Association to strive and make this Industrial Area a worthy place to dwell in and create a conducive atmosphere for industries to make a promising future and bring in success.

During the inception before decades, the planners of the Industrial areas would have not envisaged the unforeseen growth and therefore by keeping in mind, the contemporary needs of the time, the infrastructure should have been built accordingly thence, considered obsolete now. And, today we find the same infrastructure quite inadequate to suit the present requirement as is the demand of the time. Hence, the efforts are on by the Association to build infrastructure par-excellence.